How do I use Fouad WhatsApp with multiple accounts at the same time?

Fouad wa app

Fouad WhatsApp unique features

Fouad WhatsApp download is a third-party modification of the WA application. The problematic modifications are the ones that offer features that are actually paid for free. It's true that the official version of WA has a lot of features, but if you want more benefits, you need to pay for most of them.

Many developers develop WhatsApp apps to have more features than the original version. One of the modified applications is called Fouadmods WhatsApp download.

Duplicate accounts

The advantage you get with the Fouad wa app is that you can easily duplicate accounts. You can use two WhatsApp accounts at the same time on one device. Of course, this feature is not available in the original version.

Because the developer's own rules only enforce one account on the device you are using. In fact this feature is perfect for those who are in the business world like online stores. So, using Fouad wa will come in handy for you later.

You will not get the first feature from the original version. Third-party modified applications are able to replicate WA accounts in one device. That is, you can use two numbers in one HP device.

Many fonts available

Choosing the right font can make chatting look less boring. You can change fonts at any time. To change fonts, follow these steps.

  • 1. Make sure that the Fouad whatsapp application is open
  • 2. Next, you can start opening the settings menu section, which is represented by three dots
  • 3. Select the dialog option to start changing the font type
  • 4. Select the desired font, including color and size
  • 5. If available, you can start saving the changes
  • 6. After saving, the appearance of the font on WhatsApp will change

Hide online status

There are many people in group chats who will want to hide their online status. Online or offline status can sometimes be related to someone's privacy.

You need to hide your online status, which can be activated using Fouad WhatsApp. You can perform some steps to hide your online status below.

  • 1. Use the three-dot symbol to open in the settings menu section
  • 2. Then you can select the Privacy menu section
  • 3. Then select the Hide online status option
  • 4. When this option is enabled, others will no longer be able to see online or offline posts when they open the chat section with you
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